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6oz face mask packed full of great ingredients. Works for redness, puffiness, hyperpigmentation, acne, etc. 

Mask: Mix a small amount with water consistensy should be watery but not runny, apply a thin layer with Theia and let it dry. Once dry, tap warm water onto the mask until it softens and rub gently. Follow up with a calming face wash (Antheia, Demeter, Rhea or Keres) and the rest of your skincare 

Spot treatment: Mix a small amount with water and apply to desired problem areas and let it dry, follow same steps as mask. 

Scrub: Mix a small amount with water in your hands and use as a face wash, still follow up with a calming face wash afterwards. 

DO NOT SKIP MOISTURIZER with any of these uses. Skin will be red directly after use but will subside depedning on the sensitivity of your skin, usually 1-2 hours after skincare. If staining from tumeric occurs use an oil (olive or coconut) or oil cleanser to remove. Do not wash face before using mask preferably use at night. If you have any questions text me on my socials or email me @


  • Will only accept refund requests if the product comes damaged.

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